You can have a life full of meaning…a purpose-full life…even though life is hard.

Hi. I’m Dawn and I’m a licensed counselor and a coach…a Life Strategist, really.

I can help you to be the author of a rich, fulfilling, full-of-life life…even though you have struggles sometimes…
even though you experience challenges, difficulties, or setbacks in:

  • your work and career
  • your relationships and family life
  • your health and wellness.

I do this by helping you develop an important ability called Psychological Flexibility.

What is Psychological Flexibility?

  • It’s a form of emotional fitness and resilience.
  • It’s like yoga and strength training for your mind.
  • It’s the ability to move toward meaning…unconditionally.
  • It’s a fundamental aspect of health and well-being.

Psychological Flexibility is an ability to focus your actions in the moment on what’s most important to you in the big picture, while handling the difficult feelings and thoughts that can potentially get in your way. (The feelings and thoughts we all have sometimes, but nobody wants…like worry, anxiety, sadness, frustration, stress, self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty.)

It is the ability to do what you choose based on what matters most to you, without being limited in your choices by what’s going on inside you. It’s about noticing the difference between what is in your head and what is in the world.

Psychological Flexibility helps build emotional resilience, the ability to withstand and recover readily and successfully from adversity, difficulties, changes, stressors, and setbacks, while continuing to move forward (in tiny steps so we don’t get overwhelmed) in the directions of what matters most to us.

Why is Psychological Flexibility Important?

The truth is…life is hard. You already know this. We lose things. We lose people. We get tangled up and stuck. We experience changes and challenges and stress. Life goes to hell in a handbasket. The longer we are on this planet, the more we understand that life can slap us around. We get upset, scared, frustrated, sad, stressed, disappointed. We stumble and falter. And at time things might even get a little dark.

Many people walk around pretending it’s not so. But the reality is that pain is part of life for all humans. And in order to have a purpose-full life as a human, we need to be able to move toward what matters most to us…deep down in our bones…to move toward meaning, even though life is hard.

Psychological Flexibility might not necessarily decrease the hardships or reduce the stress in our lives. Let’s face it…we can’t prevent or get rid of all the difficulties and stress in our lives. That’s not realistic. Our jobs and families and health situations will have stressful moments and life will throw us curve balls from time to time. And if we wait until we have gotten rid of all the stressors of life before we live a purpose-full life, we will be waiting a very long time. Although Psychological Flexibility can’t get rid of these, it reduces our vulnerability to stress getting the best of us and increases our ability to bounce back and cope with the difficulties that are naturally a part of our daily lives so that they don’t get in the way of having a valued life.

The Good News Is…

You can build Psychological Flexibility, emotional fitness, and mental strength/resilience at any time in your life. Becoming more psychologically flexible involves learning and using essential life skills, tools, strategies, practices, and habits, as well as new perspectives and points of view. As you learn these strategies, you will have a new lens with which to look at your life.

The other good news is that these tools and strategies work. Research shows that Psychological Flexibility leads to better health and health behaviors, healthier relationships, lower stress and anxiety, better work performance and career satisfaction, and greater life fulfillment in general. Pretty amazing, huh?

A Bit About Me and How I Help

I teach the concrete, practical strategies and tools needed to help you build Psychological Flexibility, increase emotional fitness and resilience, and move toward meaning unconditionally. I help you cultivate these healthy habits and practices in your daily life.

As I mentioned, these strategies are backed by research…and they’re also field-tested by yours truly. As someone who’s lived a life rich in (sometimes hugely) challenging experiences, I’m very familiar with life throwing us some curveballs. I’m in the trenches of life, just like you, and I’ve learned how to get up and keep moving forward toward purpose and meaning, toward what matters most, no matter what.

The work I do is largely based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Training (a.k.a. ACT,) which give us proven ways to develop Psychological Flexibility. (For more information about how I work, ACT, and Psychological Flexibility, click here.)

I have been a counselor and coach for the past 10 years and have been helping people move in directions that matter to them for the last 25+ years. When you work with me, you get the benefit of learning strategies from someone who has a history as a licensed counselor and experienced teacher, who uses the same approaches in her own life.

Throughout my own hardships I’ve learned and grown. Whatever wisdom I may have has come from my own struggles.

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My Services

There are two ways of working with me: in Counseling/ Therapy and in my Coaching Programs. Counseling/Therapy and my Coaching programs are very different in format and what they help with.

People generally engage in Counseling Sessions because one or more areas of life are problematic, unmanageable, or not functioning they way they would like, and they need help to make those areas less problematic, more manageable, or more functional. On the other hand, people engage in my Coaching Programs because most areas of their lives are functional and they would like to make one or more areas the best they can be.

You can find out more about Counseling/Therapy by clicking here and my Coaching Programs by clicking here.


As a result of working with me and learning and practicing the tools and strategies I teach:

  • You’re able to feel more grounded, focused and present so you can experience your life in the moment more fully.
  • You’re able to course-correct when life throws you curveballs.
  • You have new ways of relating to your struggles, challenges, and obstacles.
  • You have a new lens or perspective with which to view your life.
  • You change your relationship to your difficult and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings so that they don’t boss you around and determine your behavior.
  • You can let the things that you value most deeply lead the way and determine your actions day to day, so that you can have a life full of purpose and meaning.

If this sounds appealing…

I invite you to further get to know how I can help you:

  • You can take a look at my Counseling/ Therapy page and/or my Coaching Programs page to find out more about each.
  • You can take a look at the About Me page to find out more about my professional experience and credentials, as well as things my resume doesn’t say and a bit about my beliefs and worldview.
  • If you already have a hunch that you’d like us to work together, please contact me to schedule a complimentary 15-minute “Is this a fit?” phone call, so we can get your questions answered and talk about next steps. (Email is easiest: dawn[at]dawnstratton[dot]com.)

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