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I call it my Living Letter, because it has become a living, breathing thing, and the theme of these emails is living…living a full, rich, vital, purpose-full life. Since living is the focus, “newsletter” just does not really fit!

What’s In Them
The topic of my Living Letters changes depending on what I’m working on and what’s on my mind. I may share an article I’ve written, some insights, a piece of inspiration, new programs I’m offering or projects I’m working on, or my take on someone’s else’s ideas.

My articles may include tools and strategies that can help with handling difficult feelings and thoughts, mindfulness skills and practices, taking different perspectives, building stress resilience, acceptance, self-compassion, self-care, or well-being, always with an over-arching theme of moving in the direction of meaning and purpose in life. I may share my own experiences if I think they will be helpful or a common theme coming up with the folks I work with.

Frequency (i.e. Are you going to fill up my inbox with junk?)
Sometimes I send my Living Letter out a couple times a month, and sometimes you won’t hear from me for a couple months. So, no…I won’t fill up your inbox with stuff you don’t want to read! Although I do my best to keep it short, (brevity is not a strength of mine,) I can at least promise to keep it helpful and useful to you.

My Living Letters will continue to grow and change as I grow and change. Again…a living, breathing kind of a thing! I always invite readers to share their thoughts about what I write with me by replying to me, and I always respond personally.

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