Free Stuff

Free Stuff

Here are some free downloadable goodies for you.

10 Helpful Perspectives

In this document, I share 10 helpful perspectives, viewpoints, beliefs, and worldviews with you and how these ideas can be helpful to you in your daily life.

10 Helpful Perspectives PDF–click on the image below to download the document.

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About Mindfulness

Many of the skills and tools I teach are based on mindfulness practices. The word “mindfulness” is often misunderstood. In this document I share some clarifications about mindfulness and the amazing benefits of learning mindfulness skills.

About Mindfulness PDF–click on the image below to download the document.

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About Acceptance

I am an Acceptance Advocate because acceptance helps us to move forward toward what is most meaningful to us, instead of spending a lot of time and energy struggling with things that can not be changed. I teach concrete skills that help with acceptance, skills you can learn step-by-step and put into practice immediately. This document shares more information about acceptance and how learning acceptance strategies can be beneficial.

About Acceptance PDF–click on the image below to download the document.

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Inspirational Quotes

I love to collect quotes. Below is a sample from the always-growing collection of my favorites that relate to purpose-full living. For me, quotes serve as reminders about what I have learned or what I know to be true.

Brené Brown says, in regards to the Man in the Arena speech by Theodore Roosevelt, “I know it sounds cheesy and cliché to say that a quote can change your life, but sometimes when you hear something–when you need to hear it and when you’re ready to hear it–something shifts inside you.” I agree with this, as it has happened to me. Hope you enjoy it!

Inspirational Quotes PDF–Click on the image below to download the document.

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