Coaching Programs

Coaching Programs

My Coaching Programs are effective, efficient, one-on-one, individualized programs that incorporate guided learning, skills training, and experiential exercises. The programs are a set number of sessions (usually 4), each 45-minutes in length, with independent study and practice between sessions. Engaging in one of my Coaching Programs is like taking an intensive, juicy class/course with a private teacher/mentor leading you through every step of the way. You can choose to meet with me at my office in Portland, Maine or remotely over webcam or phone.

The practices and skills in my programs are supported by research. If you commit to exploring, understanding, and practicing them, and are willing to have an open mind and do things differently than you have before, your experience will change.

Click on one of the links below to find out more about each of the different programs I offer.:

Strategy Sessions: Individual Coaching Sessions

In addition to my Coaching Programs, I also offer individual coaching sessions that I call Strategy Sessions. Some people choose to continue working with me in this capacity after they complete one of my Coaching Programs. Others would like a more self-directed approach without the structure/curriculum of a program, so they wish to start right out with a Strategy Session. Click here to find out more about Strategy Sessions.

Please note: my Coaching Programs and Strategy Sessions would not be appropriate for helping with certain problems such as depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions/substance abuse, sleeping or eating problems, anger outbursts, excessive irritability, or impulsive/risk-taking behavior, among other things. Counseling/Therapy may be helpful for these problems. If you are looking for help with one of these problems, please check out my Counseling/Therapy page.


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