About Me

About Me

My Resume Gives This History About Me:

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor/Psychotherapist
  • Cancer Counselor & Coach
  • Parent Coach
  • Children and Family Therapist
  • Crisis Clinician
  • Program Manager & Workshop Facilitator
  • Career Counselor
  • Classroom Teacher (middle school and adult education)
  • Bachelors degree—Elementary Education major, Math/Computer Science minor (Magna Cum Laude)
  • Masters degree in Psychology and Counseling

What My Resume Doesn’t Say:

I care deeply about helping people struggle less, because I have struggled. And I care deeply about helping people clarify what matters most to them and move toward that every day. I am truly honored that people share their lives and their stories with me and that I get a chance to help them make their lives better. This work is one way I move toward meaning in my own life and it matters to me like crazy.

I’m sort of a “spiritual meets practical” kind of person. I’m open to the mysterious, miraculous, magical, and inexplicable, and love feeling connected to others and to something bigger than all of us. At the same time, I am really into detailed, clear, nitty-gritty, nuts and bolts pragmatism. (Hence, the Life Strategist title.)

Due to challenging life events, such as a cancer diagnosis and treatment at age 31, divorce, chronic pain, and periods of depression and anxiety in my younger adult life, I know a lot about how to get up and keep going…keep moving toward what matters most…no matter what. I call it Resilient Purpose-fullness, and it’s extremely important to me.

I believe fiercely in sharing my own story and what I’ve learned (when appropriate and when asked, of course) because it often helps others to feel like they are not alone and like someone else has gone before them and come out the other side.

I have a voracious appetite for learning and have spent innumerable hours reading, studying, and learning about human behavior, thoughts and feelings, and how to struggle less and live a fuller life. I am up to date on the latest research in behavioral science and know how that can apply to your life. I care, deep in my bones, about learning and teaching others what I learn.

Humor and laughter matter like crazy to me. When I notice that I’m taking myself a little too seriously, humor always seems to be the antidote. I talk with my clients about some pretty serious stuff or course, but there is ALWAYS room for laughter.

I’m inspired by:
Raw truth
Real conversations
Radical acceptance
Connection you feel in your bones
Humor and silliness
Deep humanity
Pure kindness



Ten Random Facts About Me

  • I have sung in various bands for 25ish years (off and on). I now sing in an acoustic rock trio and play the cajon, which is a drumbox that you sit on and play with your hands. Sometimes when I start to sing, my hands stop playing. I’m workin’ on it. 🙂
  • I took dance classes for many years when I was young and was in a dance company in college. I’m an OK dancer now and moderately coordinated, but I also run into door frames and bed posts on a fairly regular basis. Go figure.
  • A few years ago, I started taking hip hop dance classes after 20+ years of no dance classes. This lead me to secretly want to start a Glee-style show choir club for over-40’s so I can sing, dance and perform at the same time.
  • In my lifetime, I have worked for short periods cleaning hotel rooms, bussing tables, and serving fast food, and for longer periods as a camp counselor, a lifeguard, and an 8th grade classroom teacher. I feel that all of these were character-building experiences.
  • I can do the moon walk, the Cup Song, Cats Cradle, a time step in tap shoes, and sing all the songs from Grease, word for word.
  • I’ve always loved math, I’ve taught algebra and geometry to teens and adults, and I geek out on techie stuff.
  • There are 9 things I’ve tried only once in my life so far: para-sailing, scuba diving, horseback riding, skiing, climbing Mt. Katahdin, surfing, skeet shooting, zip-lining, and swimming in bat-lined cenotes in Mexico. There are only 6 of these I would like to do again.
  • I want to swing from a flying trapeze and try hang gliding before I die.
  • I am obsessed with quotes. Not the platitude-y ones, but the ones with soul, with true wisdom and reminders for every day life. (If you like them too, you can find a free download with my favorites on my Free Stuff page.)
  • My favorite poem of all times is The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. It moves me on a visceral level and says so much about who I am and what’s important to me. Below is an excerpt and you can read the full prose-poem on her website here.

“It doesn’t interest me
where or what or with whom
you have studied.
I want to know
what sustains you
from the inside
when all else falls away.

I want to know
if you can be alone
with yourself
and if you truly like
the company you keep
in the empty moments.”

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

My Beliefs / Worldview

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken and you don’t need fixing.

Your mind is a 24/7 thinking machine because you are human. You have thousands of thoughts in a day, and you can’t possibly change all the negatives to positives. And furthermore, it’s normal to have negative thoughts…all humans do. It’s also normal to have uncomfortable and unpleasant emotions sometimes because you are human.

“Negative” thoughts and feelings are NOT harmful. They aren’t fun obviously, but they do NOT cause negative things to happen, or draw in things you don’t want, or cause illness. We do not have to fear, fight off, avoid or otherwise struggle against our emotions, as this can actually cause more stress. We can, however, change our relationship with them.

As a human being, you will get distracted and overwhelmed. However, we can learn to make choices from a different place, a big picture view…that can make our life more workable.

You will mess up sometimes because you are human. Everyone does.

You are not going to be at your best every moment of every day. That’s not realistic. But we can learn how to make choices that are more in line with the kind of person we want to be, while at the same time accepting ourselves, even when we’re not at our “best.”

You can learn to treat yourself the way you would treat someone you truly love. We can all develop our ability to be compassionate and understanding toward ourselves and other people as human beings, and this ability serves us well in having a life well-lived.

It takes courage to live a purpose-full life, to ask the “big questions” of ourselves, and to make a practice of moving forward daily toward what is most meaningful to us.

You can move in purpose-full directions even when your reality kinda sucks at the moment, even when there are things in the way, even when it feels really difficult to do so.

I can help you to do these things. I believe in making big changes…one-on-one, with you and me, human to human.

To download 10 Helpful Perspectives, a free document which expands on the ideas above, and talks about why truly understanding each of these pieces matters and how it can change your day-to-day life, go to my Free Stuff page.

To find out more about how how I might be able to help you, please visit my Services page.